For those who are planning to change their rented house or looking to get their property cleaned before renting it out to a new tenant, Move Out Cleaning is one such kind of commercial cleaning that makes you get the cleaning work done conveniently! Move out cleaning is also known as End of Lease Cleaning as this is the time when your tenure as a  tenant comes to end and you have to hand over the property to your landlord. 

Here, the main thing that makes Move Out Cleaning an important factor in shifting or vacating is that once the cleaning process is done, the landlord will be visiting the place for inspection, and accordingly they will decide to return your bond money. 

This handy guide on Move Out Cleaning purveys the important aspects and steps related to End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne, making you have the best experience!

Professional Cleaning Vs Personal Cleaning: Why Do You Need Experts For Move Out Cleaning

If you are among those who believe that they can do the end of lease cleaning of their rented property themselves, then hold on! Whenever a person vacates a rented property, the landlord personally visits the place and checks it meticulously. If the landlord is unsatisfied with the quality of cleaning then you may need to get the entire cleaning done again as you want to get your bond money back. 

It is always advisable to go for a trusted professional cleaner so that the property is cleaned in the best possible way, making you impress your landlord! So, whenever it comes to end of lease cleaning Melbourne, you must always go with professional cleaners rather than indulging in the work yourself. 

Move Out Cleaning Checklist: Essentials For End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

A checklist includes all the essentials you need to cover up during a vacate cleaning. If you don’t want to miss out on anything before calling your landlord for inspection, read the below-mentioned end of lease cleaning checklist:

  • Dusting off the entire area
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances, especially removing grease and other oily substances
  • Removing dirt from cabinets
  • Cleaning sinks and countertops
  • Scrubbing toilets, bathtubs, and showers
  • Vacuuming carpet 
  • Sweeping off floors
  • Maintaining backyard and garden 

Tips For Tension-free End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne: Get Your Bond Money Back 

Once you have decided to move out of your rented property, what bothers them most is the thought of getting the bond money back without getting indulged in legal formalities. Here are some of the tips that will help you in planning a hassle-free vacate cleaning:

  • Make a checklist after observing your space and list down areas that require much attention, followed by medium and low ones! 
  • Search for trusted professional cleaners of your area, it is always smart to check their reviews before asking for a quote
  • Take a quote from at least 3-4 reputed cleaning brands
  • Explain your requirements in detail
  • Stay attentive while the cleaners are indulged in the work so that no area is left unattended
  • Double-check the areas you think the landlord is going to notice, such as drawing room furniture and carpet, toilets, kitchen, etc. 
  • Plan your cleaning 1 or 2 days before your landlord’s scheduled visit 

Things To Double-Check After An End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne: Areas To Impress The Landlord 

The following are the list of things you need to double-check after getting a move out cleaning done:

  • Furniture that belongs to the landlord
  • Carpet 
  • Broken fittings 
  • Toilets
  • Windows and hinges

Move out cleaning is one such professional service that makes your shifting convenient. Don’t forget to refer to this handy move out cleaning guide while planning your move out or move in!

Frequently Asked Questions About Move Out Cleaning

Q. How much time does it take to do a move out clean?

A. The time depends on the area of the house. Usually, it takes 60 to 120 minutes. In the case of extremely messy houses, the time taken might exceed. 

Q. What services are included in a move out clean?

A. The common factors in almost all the move out cleanings are the following: 

  • Vacuuming And Sweeping Floors
  • Wiping Down Baseboards
  • Scrubbing Shower, Bathtubs, And Toilets
  • Cleaning Countertops And Sinks
  • Cleaning Kitchen Appliances
  • Dusting Entire Area

Q. How Is Deep Cleaning Different From Basic Cleaning?

A. Basic Cleaning is included in Deep Cleaning. Every Deep Cleaning features Basic Clean followed by cleaning light fixtures, washing or vacuuming ceiling fan blades, blinds, shutters, etc., and dusting mini blinds. 

Q. How much time will I take to clean my house?

A. If you are getting the work done by professionals then it will take nearly 60 minutes, however, if you have a plan of yourself indulging it and giving it a perfect finish, then it might take nearly 180-200 minutes.