Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Bright Carpet Cleaning is one of the well-known cleaning services providers in Melbourne. Our expert carpet cleaning and stain removal services are wanted for the advanced and eco-friendly solutions and techniques they incorporate. We additionally specialise in end of lease cleaning and restoration using solely light to the material safe cleaning detergents.


The carpet cleaning strategies we employ are:

It is also part of our end of lease cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We use a high-end carpet hot water extraction cleaning machine, that rinses your furnishings with hot water and an applicable cleaning solution and so, extract the wetness up to 95%, alongside the dissolved soiling. It’s a good stain removal methodology, that cleans the carpet fibres deeply. The drying time of two to four hours is needed. The steam cleaning technique is appropriate for many trendy artificial furnishings, high-traffic floorings, industrial carpets and carpets, that are notably contaminated and suffer from stubborn and deeply-seated stains.

Dry Cleaning

The carpet cleaners use a bonnet rotary machine, that works a dry solvent into the carpet layers. The tactic uses some wetness, however, the drying time is bottom. The technique will be utilised for additional regular periods and it’s additionally recommended for fewer contaminated or delicate carpets. Moreover, the bonnet cleaning methodology could be a preferred carpet cleaning option, once drying time is a problem.


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Deep Carpet Cleaning

Bright End of Lease Cleaning has served to the specific requirements for our customers when it comes to carpet cleaning work.

  • Value for money & proven techniques
  • Stain-free carpeting and rugs
  • Industry-powered equipment
  • Qualified & insured technicians
  • Expertise in carpet protection
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