The Best End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

Are you moving out of your property and looking for bond back cleaning in Melbourne? Then look no further than Bright End of Lease Cleaning  Melbourne. We will clean your end of lease house cleaning from head to toe. When it comes to bond back cleaning Melbourne, our  vacate cleaning services specialists will make sure your property is completely spick and span, ensuring you’ll get 100% of your bond money back.

You’ve got to get your bond back, right?

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Professional Bond Back Cleaning in Melbourne

End of lease cleaning Melbourne


We are Melbourne based cleaning company specialising in residential vacate cleaning in Melbourne as well as office cleaning. Our end of tenancy cleaning service provided in all suburbs of Melbourne, sending out our highly experienced staff members to clean anywhere they’re needed for vacate cleaning in Melbourne. Our Melbourne bond cleaners make use of special professional cleaning services equipment for a more efficient and spotlessly clean for cheap end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. We understand that your bond is at stake and that thoroughness is the key to getting your money back.


We offers Melbourne residents a guarantee of 72 hours after your clean. So if you’re not 100% happy with our move out services, we promise to rectify the situation within this time. We want you to be satisfied with our bond back cleaning in Melbourne that why we offer 100% bond back guarantee.

Want hassle-free and peace full end of lease cleaning service or moving house cleaning Melbourne then hire Bright End Of Lease Cleaning.


Vacate Cleaning Melbourne

Our vacate cleaning in Melbourne makes your life easier, as our service saves you stress while being priced very competitively. You’re sure to be 100% happy and satisfied with our vacate cleaning in Melbourne. If you’re worried about getting your bond back, you needn’t worry at all with Bright. We know the standard of cleaning necessary for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to ensure you get your bond returned.

End Of Lease House Cleaning Melbourne

House End of Lease Cleaning

Bright Cleaning offers services for residential end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to help you get your bond back in full. Our attention to detail really makes our work shine, plus we offer affordable rates without compromising on quality.

End of Lease Office Cleaning Melbourne

Office End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Offices are large spaces that often require speciality cleaning. Why try to do it yourself when you can call our experts in office cleaning in Melbourne? We’ll have your old office looking clean and renewed by the time we’re finished, saving you stress, time and money.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne


Our thorough carpet cleaning will get out every single stain and leave your carpets subtly lemon fresh, replacing any old musty carpet smell. Our fast cleaning process means that your carpets are cleaned and ready to be walked on in just one hour!

Window Cleaning Melbourne


With our frequent experience cleaning windows in residential and commercial properties, you can be sure of outstanding results for your windows with our end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Your windows will be shinier and clearer than you’ve ever seen them before..

Why is Bright End of Lease Cleaning the Best in End Of Lease Clean?

Our service comes with a full guarantee that our cleaning job will help you pass your bond inspection. If in the unlikely event you don’t pass, we will re-clean the property free of charge. Here are some other advantages to hiring us for bond back cleaning in Melbourne:

Short notice cleaning

If you need end of lease cleaning in Melbourne at short notice, just give us a call. We can cater to your cleaning needs even when you don’t have much time to spare. We’ll make an appointment for a time that suits you to do a thorough clean before your bond inspection.

A consistent cleaning process

We use end of lease cleaning checklists to ensure that all our cleans are meticulous and every single surface is spotless. Our cleaners use these checklists as a guide to ensure they haven’t missed anything. Our checklists also ensure a consistency to our service that can be relied on.

Professional equipment and supplies

We get professional results because we use high-quality equipment for commercial use and supplies that really work to remove dirt and grime. We have every piece of equipment or cleaning supply needed to tackle all aspects of cleaning your home.


As part of our services for rental cleaning in Melbourne, we offer a large degree of flexibility. We provide a range of dates, possible beginning times and payment methods for your convenience.

Bright End Of Lease Cleaning Team Melbourne

Want to Get Your Bond Back? Call Our Team Today

If you really want your bond back, don’t look past the professionals at Bright End of Lease Cleaning. We’re the experts at bond back cleaning in Melbourne, and we back this claim up with our guarantee that you’ll get your bond back after our cleaning is complete. To learn more exit cleaning or make a booking, call us now on 0413 298 622.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more detail about our end of lease cleaning services, please read our FAQ given below.
If you still require more information about our services call at 0413 298 622.

How much does the end of Lease cleaning cost?

End of lease cleaning can be stressful and a time taking process, and you need to understand the end of a lease agreement and the checklist carefully.

You could not afford to miss any area that needs cleaning as a property manager can deny you the security amount if they are not satisfied with the cleaning.

The cost associated with the end of lease cleaning depends entirely on the area of the property and the number of cleaners working in the cleaning project.

However, some companies customise the quotes according to the customer’s needs and requirements, keeping in mind the budget of the customer.

What are the benefits of an end of lease cleaning?

There are several benefits of an end of lease cleaning, which is done from the professional cleaning such as:

  • It ensures 100% return of the bond money, and you can remain stress-free while cleaning.

  • You get top quality results in quick turnaround time. Additionally, they provide customised services.

  • You don’t have to invest time in cleaning rather you can spend time doing other activities.

  • Professional cleaning companies have access to the latest tools and non-toxic cleaning agents that they efficiently use for cleaning.

  • These cleaning companies have a lot of cleaning experience and deliver the highest standard of cleaning.

  • Everything gets cleaned according to the end of lease cleaning checklist.

How to book a professional bond cleaner in Melbourne?

Booking a professional end of lease cleaner or bond cleaner is easy, you can either call the cleaning company and ask for the quote, or you can fill in the form and enquire about the cleaning prices.

Additionally, you can have a chat with the cleaning company. All the cleaning companies provide the quote free of cost. These end of lease cleaning companies offer the best results with 100% guaranteed on bond money and have experienced cleaning professionals.

End of lease cleaning company also offers to book the professional cleaner again as and when required where you can pay online within your comfort zone.

Which cleaning company is the best in Melbourne?

The cleaning company offers attractive packages for end of lease cleaning, and these companies provide a secure mode of the transaction during payment, have insured cleaners and give quality results.

The best cleaning service provider in Melbourne is the Bright end of lease cleaning company, the company has a lot of cleaning experience and has made a mark in the cleaning industry. Not only does it provide the best cleaning results but also give a 100% guarantee on your bond money.

You will be satisfied with the end of lease cleaning services which often get a positive response and reviews from all the customers.

Why should I hire an end of lease cleaners?

Tenants should hire an end of lease cleaners because of the following reasons;

  1. Professional cleaners are reliable and trustworthy if employed by a professional cleaning company.

  2. You need not take part in cleaning and invest your valuable time in doing other activities.

  3. Hiring an end of lease cleaners will ensure you get back your security amount or bond money.

  4. End of lease cleaners will ensure a stress free life and will ease your life.

  5. Hiring a professional end of lease cleaners will ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned, and it impresses the property owner with the detailed cleaning and thus ensuring your bond money is secure.

How much will it be for bond cleaning?

The time of the bond cleaning depends on the structure and size of the property.

What is the Procedure to book a bond clean?

The booking process is very simple. Go to the contact us page and fill the quote or dial 0413 298 622 or 03 9880 2326.

Is it necessary for me to be present at the property during the clean-up?

It entirely depends on you. It is better to leave cleaners undisturbed at the time of cleaning. They will inform you once cleaning is going to over. Then you can check your property.

Does bond clean include cleaning of windows as well?

Yes, Window is also a part of the house, and our cleaners are well trained to clean window.

72 Hours Bond Back Guarantee With End Of Lease Cleaning

Bright Cleaning provides services for bond back cleaning Melbourne, vacate cleaning & end of lease cleaning at competitive rates.