We endeavour expert cleaning services throughout Brunswick. Our End of Lease Cleaning Brunswick is excellent for clients seeking bond cleaning services. So whether you are proceeding to the end of your lease cleaning or renting out your residence to a considered renter, we recommend you choose the professional end of lease cleaners. 

End Of Lease Cleaning Brunswick

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your fulfilment is our utmost superiority, and we aim to render a service accurately. We are always equipped for any cleaning specifications and will perform your inquired tasks immediately with detail and correctness and at a value you’ll admire. 

Trusted & Experienced – Our Cleaner is Brunswick’s most committed and expert residential and industrial cleaning corporation with years of expertise and regular reliability for outstanding client service.

100% satisfaction guaranteed – You, the client, are our topmost priority. We consider doing tasks right the first time and performing specific living and room cleaning services.

No Cleaning Material Needed – Our cleaning team has the needed cleaning accessories, substances, and materials for a perfect cleaning solution.

Rapid Quote – We’re able to provide you affordable cleaning quotes over the request, call, or query form within some time.

Reliable & Fully Insured – We are an expert cleaning company with a good and skilled team recognised for detail and excellent service. We provide an entire guarantee for any loss.

Flexible Availability – Our highly qualified staff can refine 7 Days/week, including public weekends, at no additional charge. 

How do I get my bond back? 

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne can assure that your security is refunded unless the home has sustained loss during your ownership. We allow a Bond Back Guarantee. If your business administrator reports any concerns reported to cleaning, we respond to the property and correct the issues without any extra charges to you. Seldom, business administrators handle open inquiries between your handover and reporting issues. In such circumstances, we can re-clean for added fees. 

Cleaning in Brunswick is now way more accessible with the End of lease cleaning checklist. You can now get behind your entire bond amount from the landlord as our specialists will satisfy your owner’s cleaning expectations to all desirable levels. The checklist is the best strategy which we serve to do self-observation and to give your cleaning necessities. The organisation gives many more services, which are listed below:

Bond Back Cleaning Brunswick  

Apartment Cleaning Brunswick  

Here is the checklist for various cleaning departments: 


  • Cleaning the stove and microwave externally and within.
  • Cleaning of stovetop, hob, and grillers. 
  • Degreasing range hood.
  • Cleaning the benchtop surfaces.
  • Clean, degrease and polish the extractor fan.
  • Cleaning backsplash.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing sink, handles and spout.
  • Washing and cleaning of the pantry.
  • Cleaning the dishwasher, fridge and defrosting the freezer.
  • Scrubbing dishwasher and eliminating limescale, and polishing sink/shine taps.
  • Wiping and cleaning all connections, devices, light switches, and fixtures.
  • Wiping all gateways, door shutters, and skirting strips.
  • Vacuuming and mopping the surface areas.
  • Cleaning all kitchen cabinets, cupboards and drawers both inside and outside.


  • Cleaning of the wardrobe glasses outlines and marks.
  • Wiping of skirting strips and all wooden fittings are done carefully.
  • Cleaning the top of furniture and wardrobe, inside and externally.
  • Cleaning and eliminating cobwebs.
  • Wiping and cleaning of all plugs, sockets, light switches, fittings, and lampshades.
  • Washing of internal windows, sills, and tracks.
  • Cleaning of doors, door frames.
  • We are removing marks from the walls.
  • Moping and doing the vacuum cleaning of the surface areas.
  • We are cleaning the door knockers and handles.
  • Cleaning and wiping of curtains and other glass covers.
  • Cleaning of ceiling vents.


  • Washing of tiled coverings and eliminating the mould from tiles.
  • Cleaning of bathtubs, sink, and shower furniture/glass/shelters internally and externally.
  • Cleaning of shower cap and taps.
  • Cleaning and polishing of glasses.
  • Dust air vents and precise down extractor blade.
  • Wiping and cleaning of all connections, outlets, light switches, and fixtures.
  • Cleaning and wiping of all openings, opening frames, and skirting boards.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of the surface areas. Cleaning of shower cap and taps.
  • Cleaning of the bathroom and disinfecting bathrooms.
  • Cleaning of vanity, handles and spout.
  • Cleaning of medicine cabinets

Living Rooms and Dining Area

  • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors.
  • Cleaning of accessible light fixtures.
  • Cleaning of light switches and power points.
  • Removing the cobwebs.
  • Steam cleaning of carpet (as needed).
  • Washing of wall – either spot cleans or entire wall washes (as needed).
  • Deep cleaning of the blind (as needed).
  • Cleaning of cupboards, shelves, and drawers.
  • Cleaning of wardrobe mirrors, frames and tracks.
  • Washing of window, sills, and tracks (interior).
  • Detailing of door frames.
  • Detailing of skirting board.
  • Dusting and wiping of blinds.